About Us

The Halo insignia symbolises over 19 years of hard-earned and hard-learned experience.

Established in 2001, Halo is a specialist division of ISEC – one of the leading providers of security, safety and risk management related services. We currently deploy over 300 security professionals across our New South Wales portfolio to clients with varying levels of requirements.

At the heart of our offerings are the values of reliability, integrity and innovation, and this is embedded within our organisation’s directive to provide a concentrated and effective solutions-based service.

Our commitment to our vision and values has seen HALO morph from it’s humble beginnings to one of the leading security and risk management providers in the entertainment and hospitality sector today.

Leading our mission is an energetic and highly experienced team with multi-disciplinary expertise, backed by an equally motivated group of security professionals.


Did you know?

The blue halo in our logo derives from the symbol found on the shields of ancient Spartans, who were once the most formidable unit of warriors and the ultimate protectors of their community.